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   Creative Hair and Wigs has and works with all of the wigs styles and types available in the world today.

   The hair we have chosen to inventory is the best of all available; not only in price, but in quality of the hairliner, cap quality/comfort, hair webbing insert techniques and also of the hair strands themselves.

   CHW will further separate itself from all other beauty salons or "traditional" wig shops the very moment you walk inside the door.

   Here you'll find a "complete" hair and wig salon experience that offers a large inventory, private fitting rooms (so you can SEE what you will look like before making a purchase), hair and wig styled "cut-in's", wig and hair products to make your hair last longer and among many other benefits, a lifetime of EXPERIENCE helping you look your very best.

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More Types of WIGS and Styles . . .

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Satisfied Customers


   When you consider all of the different types of wigs and hair, and then consider the many ways to style each one . . .  the  conclusion can only be that Creative Hair and Wigs has literally THOUSANDS of resulting styles for you to choose from.



   There are 2 (two) methods to use when making a purchase from Creative Hair and Wigs:

           1. Is by visiting our physical studio in Saraland, Alabama (where it is easier to                   be seen with an appointment).

           2. Is by calling us over voice and speaking with a cosmotologist concerning                   your hair issue(s) and/or needs. 

Sound Reasoning Why CHW Does Not Sell Wigs and/or Hair by E-Commerce

   This is due to our experience(s) of hearing from hundreds of customers all across the south who complain about their wig or hair that each ordered from a website. We hear it all the time and in nearly every occassion, either the color was wrong, or the cap did not fit, etc. etc. etc. or even now that they have it, most now realize that the hair needs to be cut in and styled. So they end up at CHW, or some other salon, with all of these cheap hair products wanting some magic to be worked to help save their purchase. 

   In the end, the customer winds up with a cheap product that they paid just as much for as if they had visited a genuine hair and wig studio. We just do not see it as fair to the customer and  - now that we know this - CHW will avoid this problem for our customers.

   For that reason, we choose not sell "generic" hair by e-commerce. We find it best for all involved to come into the studio for a fitting appointment.

   You will leave refreshed and satisfied.

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