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   Creative Hair and Wigs is a professional Hair and Wig Salon studio in Saraland, Alabama that has been specializing in personal beauty solutions for nearly 20 years. Creative Hair and Wigs boasts the largest hair and wig inventory on the Gulf Coast; as well as specialized personal care for individual needs, a host of "beauty shop" secrets, salon services and hair care products all contributing to make your visit to Creative Hair and Wigs an outstanding, satisfying experience.



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I've worked and managed a number of beauty shops. Yet even today, I am still amazed at the quality of work being done here on a daily basis. A very friendly, well experienced place to work with many satisfied customers & friends.

Sheila Lee of Creative Hair & Wigs has been a personal friend of mine for a very long time. I visit there often and have purchased fusion hair bonding, wigs and several very unique pieces of handcrafted jewelry. I also use their hair styling and other beauty salon services. Very well pleased.

After serving as a law enforcement officer in Mississippi for many years, I retired only to find I had BC.
The Dr. suggested I begin making treatment plans & part of that plan was to visit Creative Hair & Wigs. Once there, I began following their guidance and I must say, they were a very big help & a big part of my recovery.  I highly recommend them.

Christie G., Stylist

Saraland, Alabama

Sylvia B., Mother/Wife/Homeowner

Mobile, Alabama 

Mariana M., BC Survivor/Retired 

Jackson, Mississippi

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