The Difference Between Inexpensive and Good Quality Wigs and Hair

At a glance, it would seem that the major differences between inexpensive and good quality hair is simply with one being human hair and the other a synthetic (man made). But as you will see, there is more to the issue than such simple conclusion.

The line between inexpensive and good quality can be defined by looking at the wig or hair (whether men or women) from a point of "styling". Ask yourself, what I can do with the hair once I get it ?

The least expensive type of hair comes from the manufacturer "pre-styled", "pre-colored" and is made from the least expensive synthetics. This type of wig or hairpiece cannot be styled into any other than the original design. It's lifespan is relatively short.

Higher quality synthetics used to make the hair, or even blended wigs - human / synthetic mix - can be styled IF the manufacturer suggests it, using styling techniques laid out by the manufacturer as well. Lifespans for this type are 3-5 times longer than the least expensive.

The very best wigs and hairpieces are those created from human hair, or mostly human, with high quality synthetics added. These types of high quality hair-works can be washed, styled, colored, perm'ed etc... and will absolutely outlast the all others.

This is the very reason you often see wide price swings between one wig/hair supplier and another. Many times purchases are made for really cheap hair, some of which do not last even 1 single washing.

But now that you know how to look for wigs and/or hairpieces, by asking styling questions, you can begin to see for yourself what is genuine at a good price and which are simply inexpensive products.

Posted by; Sheila Lee of Creative Hair and Wigs

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