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Opal Coffee Bracelet
  This genuine Opal Coffee Bracelet is positively shimmering with glamor and beauty. Crafted from a combination of GOLD (14k gf) and Silver (.925), the Opal hangs seemingly suspended in mid air, skirted by two 1 caret gemstones, Iolite and Garnet.
   A very beautiful piece of work exceptionally priced at only 129.90.
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Item #B-001

Our price $129.90 

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Bangle Beauty
  This Bangle Beauty is exactly just that; beautiful.
   Featuring 32 carets of genuine Triple A Grade Rulitated Quartz embedded into a vermeal type frame of silver and gold mix. Crowned with twisted flowers and a solid, 20 gage silver glamor catch that opens and closes with one hand.
   Yet another exquisite piece of jewelry found only here at CHW. Appraisal value; 350 - 375.00+
   Patterns in the rutilated mineralization may vary slightly with each piece, but is unnoticeable to any difference. Each are as beautiful as you see it pictured here.
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Item #B-002

Our price $139.95 

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Black Onyx and Pearl Bracelet
   It's hard to believe that a beautiful, 30 gram silver (almost 1 oz.) and black onyx jewelry piece with genuine pearl fingers could be less than the price of a tank of gas. But it is.
   This very fashionable bracelet is both popular and a real genuine heavyweight champion. The raw silver price is nearly 24 dollars an ounce, and when considering the addition of the black onyx, pearl fingers and craftsmanship, the price quoted is a real bargain.
   Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Item #B-003

Our price $44.95 

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Sterling Silver Coral Reef Earrings
   The CHW Coral Reef Earrings are a true Bargain Hunters Special.
   Crafted using genuine.925 Sterling Silver, these hand-woven dangles measure at nearly 3 inches in length and when polished brightly, will send light sparkling off the coils in all directions.
   Solid, sturdy construction insure long life.
   Easy to polish and maintain. A great dangle earring.
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Item #E-001

Our price $24.95 

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Silver Blue Ocean Topaz Dangle Earrings
   The Blue Ocean Earrings are crafted in the solitaire dangle fashion and are glittery and sparkling as they move with the motions of your ears. Crafted using a pair of oval 2 caret Topaz gemstones on a .925 Sterling Silver frame and chain-works, the beautiful and solid, sturdy construction insure years of long life and satisfaction.
   Flawless, deep blue Topaz are worth the price of the earrings themselves.
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Item #E-002

Our price $39.90 

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Silver RainBow Native American Necklace
   This beautiful work of art is the Silver RainBow Native American Necklace. Intense crafting time and built in the dream-catcher style, the work contains cabbed rainbow stone throughout, even around the neck as apart of the chain itself.
   Easy on - off S clasp and crafted to last many years.
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Item #N-001

Sizes in inches

Our price $109.50 

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